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At The Practice Consultants Ltd, we’ll handle it for you. Our team of Advisors is based in Auckland, New Zealand and is here to help.

We’re a small, close-knit firm with a passion for helping individuals and business owners reach their financial goals.

We understand every individual and business situation is different. We get to know you and your business inside out so we can provide relevant advice in language you understand. Our team is aware of the ups and downs of running a business and are here to help make the process simpler. We develop a close working relationship with all our clients so they feel comfortable coming to us for advice and support.

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Who we help

Our lengthy experience, business knowledge, personalised advice and intricate understanding of accounting and tax law enables us to work with passionate business owners and smart investors to help them reach their goals.

We deal with many small and medium sized businesses dealing with the issues of growth and cashflow management. We offer unique tools to help these businesses thrive in a competitive market.

We have a special understanding of the rental property market and have saved many clients precious money by reducing their tax bill.

You can count on us to provide proactive business advice that gets you ahead.

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